Eoptolink Dives into Immersion Cooling Market with its Immersive 800G Optical Transceivers

  Chengdu, China and San Diego, California, March 25, 2024 – Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd. (SZSE: 300502), a leading innovator and provider of advanced optical transceiver solutions, expands its product portfolio to address a new market for optical transceiver modules operated in the environments using Immersion Cooling.

  Eoptolink EOLO-138HG-5H-SYMR is an optical transceiver of 800G OSFP DR8 that is fully submergible in 2-phase liquid cooling environments and EOLO-138HG-02-SYMR is the 800G OSFP DR8+. The transceiver has an optical fiber pigtail enabling connection to non-submerged infrastructure. Immersion cooling solutions are a growing market segment as they significantly reduce the energy needed for cooling datacenter equipment and by this lowering the operating expense (OPEX). At the same time, the network equipment and its sub-components experience lower operating temperatures resulting in extended lifetime and lower failure rates.

  “We are very pleased to demonstrate our 800G OSFP DR8 module for immersion cooling at OFC”, said Supriyo Dey, VP Business Development, Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd. “Server and GPU infrastructure is diving into Immersion cooling as the ever-increasing demand for computing power is driving the power consumption and heat dissipation of datacenter upwards. Immersion cooling is not a new technology, but now the time could be right for its breakthrough”.

  During the last years, datacenter and AI/ML optics have been driven by lower cost per bit and this has resulted in a wide adoption of non-hermetic design approaches. But these approaches are not suitable for Immersion cooling environments. “We had to redesign our optical solution from scratch”, added Dirk Lutz, Distinguished Engineer, Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd. “We redesigned our optical engines, and solved the technological challenges when maintaining cost parity. Now we are proud to enable immersion cooling for 800G interconnect applications.”

  Live demonstrations of the OSFP 800G DR8 module will be conducted, together with 1.6T, 800G, LPO and 50G PON high-performance optical transceiver solutions, at Eoptolink’s booth #3127 at OFC 2024, San Diego, CA and welcome to visit us.