About Us

  Infostone Communication  is the widest spreading and selling platform of online communication products in China. Since its establishment in 2001, ICCSZ has offered a great deal of information, including optical industry forecast, enterprise planning, production decision, and market information, etc. to domestic and overseas optical manufacturers seeking services. It has now been recognized as an international authoritative communication consultant organization. ICCSZ aims to further improve its existing service capability for its customers and focuses on its three key service products, namely Professional Enterprise Consulting, Marketing Research & Forecasting, and Product Price Research and Analysis. In addition, a number of complementary services will be provided to our customers such as seminars, administrative training courses, technological training courses, and advertising services on our website at www.iccsz.com.

  As a member (common/ consultant) of Infostone Communication Consultant Company, you will be eligible to receive market research materials with the latest information considered to be the authority on the optical communication industry at a reasonable price, a number of free services, and timely after-sale services. In addition, you will have the opportunity of being invited to the authoritative leading forums of optical communication market research or seminars and trainings about market trends.