HYC to Showcase Multicore Fiber Fan-In/Fan-Out Device at OFC2024

  At OFC2024, HYC Co., Ltd (HYC) will be showcasing 4-core multi-core fiber Fan-in/Fan-out devices through live demos. Fan-in/Fan-out (FIFO) devices are key component for multi-core fibers (MCFs) used in various practical applications.

  With the increase of capacity and input power, the fiber capacity is reaching its limitation due to the Nonlinear Shannon Limit. Multi-core optical fiber using Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) technology is expected to become the best choice to break through the Nonlinear Shannon Limit of traditional single-core optical fiber.

  To achieve practical use of MCF, FIFO devices are used to efficiently couple light from single-core fiber (SMF) into each multi-core fiber (MCF), or the opposite direction.

  Based on advanced space optics design capabilities and mature precision coupling capabilities, HYC has launched a compact and low crosstalk four-core MCF fan-in/fan-out (FIFO) device. Optical components such as lens and prisms are precisely designed to adjust and optimize the coupling between MCF and SCF to achieve compact structure and excellent indicators. insertion loss and crosstalk are below 0.5 dB and over 45 dB, respectively.

  At HYC’s booth, the company will demonstrate the testing results of MCF FIFO devices. Demonstrations include single FIFO insertion loss & crosstalk, pair FIFO insertion loss & crosstalk.

  For more information on how HYC will demonstrate MCF FIFO devices, and to see 400G/800G connectivity for Datacom & Telecom, please visit us at OFC 2024 on March 26-28 in San Diego at Booth #4218 or www.hyc-system.com.

  About HYC Co., Ltd

  HYC Co., Ltd (HYC) is a global provider of passive optical devices for Datacom, Telecom, cloud, enterprises and others. Main products are: fiber connectivity, WDM, PLC splitter, high-speed transceiver optical subassembly and micro-optics devices.