Nokia to upgrade county of Mendocino's public safety data and communications network

  Nokia today announced that it has been selected by the county of Mendocino, California to upgrade its legacy microwave communications network. The critical communications network connects numerous public safety agencies across the county including county Sheriff, City and county Fire and Police Departments, county Transportation, Medical Dispatch and Response, State Highway Patrol, State Fish & Wildlife, county of Sonoma Fire and Medical, and county Departmental Data Services. This upgrade will ensure the county has the most technologically advanced Microwave System, providing highly reliable and secure connectivity while enhancing its network for higher capacity, and improved reliability.

  The county selected solutions tailored to meet its unique requirements, including coverage for a large area and mountainous terrain, and to facilitate a seamless transition from its older time division multiplexing technology to a more advanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based network. This includes Nokia’s Wavence Microwave Packet Transceiver Plus (MPT-HLC Plus) which is fully integrated into Nokia’s 7705 Service Aggregation (SAR) Router providing a unique IP/MPLS microwave aware router. The county also selected Nokia’s latest full outdoor microwave solution, the Ultra Broadband Transceiver (UBT) for increased capacity.

  Nokia’s Wavence solutions will be managed by its Network Services Platform (NSP) that will enable the county to automate delivering transport services faster as well as dynamic assurance for operating the network with maximum performance and reliability. This approach will enable the county to expand its current capabilities to support new IP-based applications while also increasing the reliability and availability of the network without impacting existing applications.

  Tony Rakes, Deputy CEO, Information Technology, county of Mendocino, said: "In 2006 Mendocino county selected Nokia as the preferred solution for its 18 site Microwave Network. Nearly two decades later, the reliability and performance of the county's legacy network, along with Nokia's excellent support, made continuing with Nokia the right choice."

  Andy Cobb, Vice President, Public Safety at Nokia, said: “Nokia is proud to continue our partnership with the county of Mendocino and support them with their critical communications network requirements. This network upgrade will ensure that county services and critical communications workers receive the premium communications services they rely on.”